Tommy Edwards Photography in Seattle | Testimonials





I would like to commend you on your professionalism and extraordinary talent!  To watch your vision as a leader and photographer was amazing, you see a blank slate and turn it into a peice of art!  It was a pure joy working with you and the out come of the photos show your talent through and through.  You made me feel at ease and more comfortable in my own skin then I ever would have imagined possible. Thanks again for such an incredible experience.   ~Megan


I really enjoyed working with you!  You made me feel comfortable and sexy, which is a combination that apparently worked because the portraits were fantastic.  I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process from being made up by Barbara to getting in front of the camera.  I also appreciated that you listened to our thoughts and ideas about what me and my husband were looking for.  We've printed nearly every picture taken and are still amazed every time we look at them.  The quality is outstanding and the images are so amazing.   ~Joy


I'm not sure what I was expecting when I scheduled a session, but I had a blast and felt really beautiful!  And to top it off, the second time I worked with you was even better!  We continuously browse your website to see the images you create.  I can't wait to work with you in the future and I've already told all my friends about your photography.   ~Angela


Marci and I are very ardent admirers of your talent to capture the essence of the beauty of your subjects, female, males and couples. Your lighting technique and composition are so appealing to the eye. Marci and I have reviewed the photos you took of her many times and each time we comment on how your photographs capture  an enticing, erotic picture of herself not seen before.  We talked before about doing a couples shoot. If you have time in your schedule early next year, we'd love to book the time.   ~Mark


Thank you for sharing your gifts with us...Because of your creativity, we have images that will allow us to enjoy these most beautiful moments for as long as we are able. Your talent for capturing the moment coupled with your abiility to use light and finishing techniques is the perfect combination to create sexy, sultry pieces that are an absolute pleasure to be a part of. Most importantly, your calm, cool demeanor adds to the awesome experience, allowing us to feel free and at ease. Needless to say, we have some of the most unique and personal photography, that will be enjoyed for a lifetime. Good work, as always, Tommy!   ~Beth


This is one of the best web site discovered. It is profound , realistic and love. It shows the passion someone has when it come to true photography. The models are important but the way the photo is projected, is pure and define in a way that you can feel their feeling and emotions. Thank you for sharing.   ~Cathy


I just keep returning. I would like to spend 3 days in a very large space such as the Met in Nnew York where there was nothing on the walls but your creations. First I would study the wall spaces ever so carefully to determine shapes and sizes and various ways in which to present your work. I don't want to be selfish and have those days just to myself, but if with my partner, those days of peace and tranquility within these walls, absorbing even fragment of the emotion would be fulfilling. I love what you do, and you do it so well. Your love of the human form and the beauty of women shines in your work, and you show a passion for sensuality at its most compelling. Black and white photography has a worthy champion and a creative spirit that will inspire for years to come.   ~Rozada


Your work is incredible. The lighting, angles and textures are amazing in so many of your shots. Makes me want to find some models and try this avenue of photography.In you photos, you treat the body as it should be treated, as a beautiful vessel to be respected and admired!   ~Dave


Just like always your images are stunning. The attention to detail and the framing of light across and apon your subjects is beyond compare. Magnificient work again Tommy. Congrat's.   ~Karl


I have had the pleasure of doing business with Tommy Edwards on several occasions and would highly recommend him and his photography work to anyone who is looking for professional photography. He works in a gorgeous studio setting that over looks Lake Washington, and can orchestrate just about any type of background you are looking for. When you contact him he is quick to respond and very attentive to your needs. If you need the services of hair and makeup artistry, he can accommodate that also as he works with several trained specialists in the area. Now as far as the photography,  it is phenomenal!  You will see your photos right after the shoot and you can have your photos either natural, untouched or he is a master at retouch and making you look flawless.  Either way, his skill, style, professionalism and personality is par excellence. I would highly recommend Tommy Edwards Photography to anyone who is looking for highly professional photography.  He is definitely for the customer with discerning taste in the finer things in life.  ~Suzanne