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Studio Services
I have been asked if I offer “unlimited looks” with each photo session. The answer to this question is an Emphatic NO. Lets give this some thought for a moment. Can any client really expect that unlimited looks within a specific time frame is really possible and yet still want and expect the best images and quality.
Lighting changes, set changes, wardrobe changes, make up and hair style changes and last but not one of the least most important is getting comfortable with each new look and change. Once again we're back to the philosophy of shotgun quanity versus well aimed quality and meaningful content. If a client wants promises or ideas that I refuse to practice or advertise, then I am definitely not the photographer they are or should be looking for. Creating images for those that want something unique in an artistic manner is a business and chances are I will never become wealthy doing what I do .... BUT I enjoy what I do and I sleep good knowing that I get to do it again and think about tomorrows yesterday. So with that being said we’re almost there to my rates and studio services price list.

Portfolio Sessions
First of all lets be real honest here for just another moment. NO ONE should ever attempt to or expect to have a complete portfoilio shoot done in one day with the hopes of having solid images and a good portfolio. Secondly, it should include the work of more than one photographer.
A portfolio is something that thought and time should be given. Well thought out and planned with  specific looks and goals. Styles and looks change from month to month. Take advantage of the moods and your changing looks. Do not hurry, be methodical. Be ready when you take that portfolio to an agency or display it online. Make an impression, not a depression. Choose your prints/images wisely.
All images provided to download from your own password protected gallery

Photo Session

Sessions begin at $400, which is approximately 90 minutes of studio time and $150 for each additional 1/2 hour. This is not for commercial rates which would significantly more because the studio allows rights to use the images as the client wishes.
All final edit images and 6 retouched images of your selection are included. Retouched images are not prints. Prints are additional when printed through the studio. There is a printing option via the website or a vendor can be recommended to assure your privacy
Commercial rates are images that will be used for advertising or website purposes @ $600 per hour with a 5 hour min. and assigned usage.
For location sessions an additional $150 for travel and equipment.
Creative rendering of images i.e special effects or rendering as paintings $200....see the gallery titled Pulchritude for examples
Additional retouched images @ $30 per image
Deposit is required to reserve session time and date.. no exceptions. ( via Pay pal )
Cancellations less than 24 hrs forfeit deposit.
Q: Do I serve champagne during or before session?
A: No I do not.
Q: Why not?
A: Because the session produces it's own level of intoxication and it is very important that you are completely present for the session.
Studio services is a work in progress that is being refined with periodic updates.
Barbara, the studio make up stylist  rates are:
$80 for make up
$20 hair styling
$30 per hour if she attends  photo session with multiple makeup changes
We've worked together for 20+ years, she knows what I like and expect.......
actually she reads my thoughts and we work extremely well together.

Head Shots
 30 to 40 images with 2 retouched images ready for printing, brochure, or online business .  All Hi Res images  available for online downloading. For the actor, model, business person when they want to look their best and need it yesterday. No l do not have access to a time machine but I can get it done pretty darn fast.
Wardrobe is not the same for everyone so there are no cookie cutter  suggestions. l discuss wardrobe on an individual basis. I want to know a little about the person hair color, eye color distinguishing features etc. Would you prefer B&W or color, because the lighting is not the same for both.
- 2 backgrounds and 2  changes. 
- Allow at least 30 minutes for the session
- My rate for headshots is $200. You will be able to download the selected images and given permission to print. This does not include the copyright to the images

How to Prepare for Your Session
Before the date of your photo session, we will have already discussed the goals and ideas for the images that we will create.  You will already have made a deposit to secure your date and time for the session, and for the make up stylist, Barbara. 
Be well rested, stay hydrated, prepare clothing the night prior. Bring a fruit snack with you the day of your session to maintain your energy level…the sessions are a lot of fun but they are also a lot of work as well.
You will be able to view your images within 24 hours. A Link and password will be sent to you for online viewing, selection and downloading.
I will also have sent a photograph of you (when possible) to Barbara, so that she has an idea of the make up that I feel will best suit your facial structure and the direction I intend to pursue for the shoot.  You and I will have discussed wardrobe and I will have given you my suggestions for colors that would be most complimentary to your hair, eyes, and skin tone.   
Should you decide on having particular images as prints, wall prints or in an album. There are a myriad of possibilities and sizes that we can suggest. This can be discussed after you have viewed your images and I have done some creative interpretations on a few of them for a general idea of the possibilities.
There is no pressure for you to purchase prints or packages…. my only goal is to create stunning images that you will treasure for your personal viewing or to display as you wish. As previously mentioned, prints can be purchased through the website or through a referral to assure your privacy. Images should be resized to specifications prior to having them printed. There are many options of surfaces to which they can be printed on and it depends on the image, size and the final desired effect you wish to achieve. My preferences are canvas, glass, giclee and metal.