Tommy Edwards Photography in Seattle | Italia
A woman should always be portrayed as art. Nothing in the universe is more beautiful.
Italia is just one example of this. Each and every woman possesses their own unique and individual beauty. A man applauds and admires it to the very depth of him. Women know this and those that are secure with their selves and their sensuality deserve a resounding ovation.
Italia was an inspiration as a natural woman. Secure and profoundly comfortable with all of all the facets of being a woman. Every BODY is a temple....and temples were met to be seen, appreciated and enjoyed for their beauty.
If we were born with tuxedos and prom dresses would be an entirely different story.
Those with religious doctrines would have us believe that the body should NOT be looked upon with appreciation or desire (not lust)....if that were the case then God definitely has a good sense of humor....I'm certain that God does have a sense of humor of some sort but I can't imagine God deriving enjoyment as a prankster