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Nothing in the universe is more beautiful than the body and figure of a woman.

Now we come to the term Boudoir,the new buzz sensation of today's photography options. The term Boudoir is French in origin, meaning "bedroom"; another sensitive area of photography to be certain. Images in this category incorporate the use of lingerie, draped fabric, and sometimes nothing at all.

Probably just my stand alone opinion I do not consider Pin up photography to fall within the realm of Boudoir photography. Pin up photography is a posed moment in time that appears to be posed.

Boudoir photography captures a sensual moment in time;capturing a stolen glance to be remembered.

Boudoir photography is intimate and can be revealing on a personal,emotional as well as physical level, and must be approached with an understanding of body types, personal style, creative skill in lighting, respect and the ability to see the beauty beneath the surface as well as the obvious attributes.

Step outside your day-to-day world and treat yourself to discovering the beauty that you alone possess.

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