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The phrase Fine Art Images is often a catch all for the many genres of photography; it may include landscapes, architecture, and still lifes. When that phrase comes to mind for me, I immediately think of the human body as a work of art. Whether the photograph is a nude or a portrait, through skill and intent, it can be elevated to a position of timeless beauty; a work of art that stands apart from the more mundane task of capturing someone's image. And even though there may be nude content, it is possible to do so in a way that transends overt sexuality and becomes pure aesthetic beauty.

On this page of images you will see my interpretation of Fine Art Images. I often prefer to render them in black and white, as there is a quality to that gendre that forces one's mind to contemplate the content of light, shadows and textures, especially when asking the viewer to see the human form as art. That is not to say, however, that color does not have its own special impact; it can and does have its own merit, depending on the content and the intent for the image.
Tribute to Ansel Adams

Guestbook for Art Nudes
David Beaty
I especially like the bodyscape photos. These certainly give me something to strive for in my photography.
Tommy Edwards Photography in Seattle
There is some really good lighting in these images, wow!