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My Thoughts:

July 23  2014 If one believes in God then how can the beauty of the body be shameful and wrong.
If on the other hand one believes evolution then look at the results of a million years of refinement to what we have become…graceful, sensual, primal and beautiful as a species. to deny either as a beautiful outcome / result is to deny our intrinsic instincts of appreciating our existence.
As artists, both model and photographer strive to perfect the expression, creativity and wonder of what SHOULD be something that is perfectly natural.
There is the segment of our cultures and societies through their own insecurities continue to demonize, ridicule and cajole artists into believing they are creating art that is an abomination.
Those that would have us question the gifts of our creativity and the thirst of our desire to do so would lay claim to not only your sanity and heart but also your soul as well.
If you are touched and aroused by what is created so be it…if you are troubled by it, so be it……it can then mean only one thing….the artists have succeeded.

The above statement was in response to an editorial " Pictures of Nudity are Shameful and Wrong"

The puritanical and regressive thinking of our society is…bewildering.