Tommy Edwards Photography in Seattle | Photographer Modeling


Photographer Modeling
I continue to experiment with new ideas and visual directions.  From time to time I work collaboratively with models whom I selectively choose for a good fit for the vision I am working to create.  But there is no perfect size for acceptance!  I take pride in the fact that neither a woman's size, nor her "main-stream attractiveness" are factors in my selection process.  Requirements are that you must be at least 18 with proof of age, be comfortable with who you are, and be willing to see just how beautiful you can be. 
Before the session begins you will be asked to sign a model's release form.  You can select 25 images from the session, which will be provided to you in electronic data format, and retouched to my standards.  Please be aware that not all who request a modelling opportunity will be accepted.   You will be asked to email two photos; one that shows the eyes, and one that is full-length.