Tommy Edwards Photography in Seattle | FAQ



Frequently Asked  Questions


Q: How long have you been doing photography?
A: I have been doing photography professionally since 1980.
Q: Do you have female Photographers that work with you in  your studio?
A: No I do not, my style of work is my signature.
Q: Why are there no female photographers, will I feel uncomfortable having a man photograph me?
A: As stated, my work is my signature. The person that normally works with me is the studio make up artist and hair stylist, Barbara. The work that I create is captured from the male perspective with the intent of looking for the inherent beauty in everyone that allows me to discover and showcase it. 
Q: I'm an average size woman with maybe a little extra padding. Do you airbrush the photos?
A: I prefer the terminology of retouching if needed. There is an art to posing, discovering and capturing the beauty of a woman or man for that matter. Usually there is very little reason to retouch the images but yes I do retouch images and when needed I am pretty good at it.
Q: How long does a photo session take?
A: Normally about an hour to ninety minutes, depending on the complexity of the images you wish for me to create for you. One unusually long complex lengthy session was spread out over a two day schedule for a total time of 12 hours but she flew in from South Africa with a very close friend and wanted images created in studio and a variety of locations...That is unusual but it was also fun and very creative.
Q: How many good photos will I end up with from the session?
A: A good average is that 85% to 90% of the images will be more than to your liking. A one hour session will produce 60 images. 90 minutes will produce about 90 images and so on.  the final interpretation of the images is left to my discretion, be it color rendition of the image or it looks better to me in black & white. That is not to say if indicated prior to the session that you specifically want black & white or color that I will disregard your preference. I will plan on adjusting the lighting prior to the session and the posing to accomodate the end result of color or B & W.
Q: If the shoot is scheduled for an hour, will it really be that long?
A: Yes...Every minute of it and maybe a couple of minutes more.
Q: I'm worried about how to pose, I've never done this before.
A: No need to worry about that whatsoever, you are given absolute explicit direction about the poses that will make you look your best. We accentuate the positives, posing the client is a very critical part of the process. I see beauty where you are unable to see. I see a curve and subtle beauty that can only sometimes be seen from my point of view. My assistant Barbara, has grown to see as I see. She truly appreciates the beauty that I see and capture in each and every person that sits before my lens. So in short, it is of paramount importance in regards to hand placement, legs, feet a twist of the waisr, arch of the back and a serene inward smile... Nothing is left to chance.
Q: What about tattoos and scars and stretch marks.
A: Well then we are right back to posing and retouching.
Q: I'm afraid of showing too much, being uncomfortable that I might look too fat or areas of my body that I am not happy with.
A: That would be the purpose of the consultatio, we need to understand what it is that you wish to accomplish with the photo session, what your comfort level is, what you like and dislike about your self. If you are doing this for your significant other, what is it that they like about you as well. During the session you will be shown images of what is being captured so that you can be assured that all is going better thank you thought that it would. No one is ever urged beyond their comfort zone.
Q: Can I bring a friend or spouse to the session?
A: Absolutely, positively, yes indeed. It is always good to have some support and we encourage you to do so. We want you to feel completely comfortable and at ease. But if I feel the cheering section is a distraction to you, I will ask them to wait in the viewing room... There is a big screen tv there with a variety of movies to watch and the sports channel.
Q: What should I bring to the session and how many changes?
A: All of that will be discussed during the consultaion. There is no one answer that fits everyone.
Q: No it takes time to process the images, but if your in a real hurry to see them I can have them ready for you to see proofs the same evening on a secure gallery site with your own private password. I prefer to not rush the processing of the images.  It will also depend on my schedule that day. Proofs are normally ready to view in 24 hours.
A: Prints are usually in less than 9 days, depending on the season and workload.
Q: How many looks can I expect from one hour session?
A: Between 2 and 3, maybe a 4th good solid look. Please remember that it is not the quantity but the quality that really matters....In most cases (smile).
Q: I'm pretty good at doing my own make up and hair, that should be ok, right?
A: In most cases  it is not ok. makeup for photography is completely differeent from normal everday make up. Ultimately it is your choice but I wouldn't recommend it with the exception that you really know what your doing. It's nice to be pampered by Barbara she is meticulous, knows what I like and follows my recommendations and directions without hesitation. She is also able to make changes to the make up during the shoot as I become inspired for a different look for accentuation.
Q: Are most of your clients a little nervous because a man is the photographer, I certainly think I will be.
A: Only for about five minutes and they then start having a blast once they are involved in the creative process and see how work and effort really goes into creating quality images.
Q: Do husbands or boyfriends get angry once they find out that a man has taken intimate photos of their wife or woman friend.
A: Actually quite the opposite...they are surprised that I was able to capture the beauty and sensuality in the woman they had known for quite some time and literally had taken it for granted. Fresh eyes and a fresh vision of the woman they fell in love with.
That is one of the rewarding benefits of what we do here at the studio. We get to see the smiles of appreciation and awe. We are witness to the appreciation and realization of a woman awakening to her own beauty and sensuality...that in itself is priceless and wonderful to see. We have received numerous compliments and praises from their spouses. The ones that were here to observe the photo session and also assist as well. (I am a firm believer that if you are gonna be here to watch. You might as well make yourself useful) we're able to see the transformation from "Hi Dear" to the woman they could not wait to take home.