Tommy Edwards Photography in Seattle | About
Tommy Edwards has been a photographer since 1980, turning to photography after beginning his art career as a painter of landscapes, nudes, and portraits. At present, he focuses on fine art nude photography, glamour photography, and boudoir photography. In addition to professional and commercial photography in Seattle and the greater Puget Sound of Washington, Tommy Edwards has provided photography for special projects in locations including Oregon, California and Costa Rica, and has a world-wide client base.

Tommy's style involves meticulous attention to detail, with unique and unorthodox creative lighting techniques. He is able to combine his signature lighting skills with an extensive knowledge of anatomy to create poses that are uniquely advantageous to his clients. Clients that have chosen him to capture something different, unique and exotic, as his work promotes a freedom of expression with an emphasis on the sensual and sexual side that is within us all.

Tommy Edwards also specializes in creative portraiture (both individual and family) for those preferring something truly unique. Tommy is most comfortable in his studio where he has complete control of lighting and ambiance, and where his clients can step outside of their own worlds and into a relaxed atmosphere dedicated entirely to the creative project at hand. His smile is warm and engaging and his studio atmosphere is casual, but Tommy is all focus once he steps behind the camera. Nothing is left to chance; his direction and guidance, for the looks and poses he designs for every individual, is meticulous. Each session becomes a collaborative experience between Tommy, with his unique vision, and the client. Some of Tommy Edward's work, suitable for framing and display, is available for purchase by those who truly appreciate and want fine erotic art.