The Benefits of Using a Male Sex Toy

Do I really have to explain to you guys why a male sex toy is so awesome? They’re sold by the millions, safe for almost everybody, relatively easy to use and affordable if you buy yours from the right source. I honestly thought this was all common knowledge, but I suppose it’s not the first time I’ve been wrong.

Since you’re forcing my hand, I guess I’ll start by saying that there are several benefits to using a male sex toy. I’ll explain what one is and then I’ll end this thing by explaining what these “so-called” benefits are. Eventually you’ll learn how to trust me. . .I hope.

What Is a Male Sex Toy?

Let’s begin by defining what a male sex toy is so we can be sure about what it isn’t. A male sex toy is a self-pleasure or couples-friendly erotic device that’s designed to produce or inspire orgasmic release when used as directed. It can involve almost anything, from dildos and vibrators to cock rings and masturbation machines.

Today’s toys come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors, with a host of fun features and functionalities to match. Yesterday’s toys, however, consisted of things like old tube socks, stale loaves of bread and hopelessness – lame. According to various media outlets modern day’s male sex toys are taking over the world. We should be thankful that these options are available even if sorting through them is a pain in the ass. After all, our grandfathers didn’t have it so easy.

What Did a Male Sex Toy Do for Me?

I’m not going to sit here and blow smoke up your ass like I’ve got anything to gain from your purchase of a male sex toy. I couldn’t care less because I already know the truth and have been benefitting from it for several years now while you’re still trying to make up your mind. But just in case you don’t believe me, here are the top 3 things that male sex toys have done for me:

  • My Body Has Never Felt More Spoiled

Having a top-notch male sex toy around the house is bound to change the way you enjoy sex and masturbation. I owned my first toy for about three days before I realized that I had been missing out on an entire side of life. High-end models are designed to concentrate on the wants and needs of the penis, the anus, or another erogenous zone. If you use yours like I did, your love life will never be the same and your body will respond by raising the bar on its expectations.

  • My Sexual Stamina Is Porn Star Quality

Because I have been using only the best male sex toys on the market for nearly a decade, my stamina in the bedroom makes me consider trying out for porn. If my dick wasn’t the size of a #2 pencil, I might actually go for it. Thanks to these specialized machines, I no longer have to make two excuses in the bedroom – one for my tiny dick and another for not being able to fuck for very long. At least one of those things has changed over the years, although I’ve been using a penis extender for a couple weeks and I think my future looks brighter than ever now.

  • My Erections and Arousal Remind Me of High School

Back in the day, I wasn’t popular but I was known for my skills in the bedroom. And by skills, I mean cumming within 30 seconds while apologizing profusely. These days, however, things have changed for the better and I blame it all on my fervent practice with certain male sex toys. Stamina training devices, penis pumps and cock rings were invented for guys like me, but even though my endurance has improved my love for those products has never dwindled. So now, I not only love my sex life but I also love my sex toy collection because it has served me so well.

Stamina training unit

If I took a few minutes to think deeper I could probably come up with at least three more benefits, but I think the examples I mentioned are enough to make the average man pause. If so, you’ll need to know how to find the best male sex toy so you can enjoy the same advantages.

How Did I Find My Favorite Male Sex Toy?

I would have never learned what I was capable of if I didn’t decide to become a diligent sex toy shopper. Understanding that everybody wanted a piece of the pie, I determined that the following three things were the most important considerations all men should make when choosing their very first gender-specific sex toy:

  • Your Wants, Needs and Fantasies

First and foremost, picking out the perfect male sex toy means being honest about your goals and ambitions. Don’t settle for less than you deserve because you’re afraid to admit your kink.

  • The Product’s Properties

Secondly, always look at the properties and features of the products you’re considering because they might appear the same but function differently. Make sure each of the properties matches your ambition.

  • Your Budget and Lifestyle

Last but certainly not least, think about how much money you can afford to spend on this male sex toy you’ve got your eye on. Did you consider the price of cleanup and maintenance? Storage and power?

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