Ahhhhhhh...now we come to the term Boudoir,the new buzz sensation of today's photography options. The term Boudoir is actually French in origin, meaning "bedroom"; another sensitive area of photography to be certain. Images in this category incorporate the use of lingerie, draped fabric, and complete nudity; all of which should capture the essence of the word Boudoir. I do not consider Pin up photography to fall within the realm of Boudoir photography. Pin up photography is a posed moment in time that appears to be posed. Boudoir photography captures a moment in time; it is almost voyueristic in nature, capturing a stolen glance or moment. While the end result appears to be just captured, its creation cannot be taken lightly.

Boudoir photography is intimate and revealing on a personal as well as physical level, and must be approached with an understanding of body types, personal style, creative skill in lighting, and respect. Often the photos are done for that special someone as both a welcome surprise and in invitation to appreciate you with a renewed vision. We invite you to consider another option; arrange a photo session for yourself! Step outside your day-to-day world and treat yourself to discovering the beauty that you alone possess, and capture this moment in time.

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~ Your work is beyond words,truly aspiring~