The 5 Most Important Features on a Male Sex Toy

These days, male sex toys are everywhere. You can get them at your local adult entertainment store, you can buy them online and you can even design your own. Horny men still jerking off with their bare hands are without excuse now.

The only real challenge is finding the right device. When I first started using sex toys made specifically for men, I had no idea what to expect. After years of trial and error, and thousands of dollars down the drain, I finally realized what I was doing wrong. I was making it harder than it had to be. In reality, there are only a handful of factors to consider as a male sex toy beginner.

The 5 Things You Need to Know

When shopping for your first male sex toy, browsing the options can be overwhelming. Clever marketers will always tell you what they think you want to hear. Manufacturers will always package their products in attractive boxes. Your libido will always play tricks on you. The only way to find something worth your while is to consider the following five things:

  1. The Materials

No matter what type of male sex toy you choose, the materials with which it’s made can play an enormous role in how much pleasure you get from it. Not only do the toy’s materials determine the type of lube you can use but they also determine how the toy will feel and perform. Material makeup also plays a significant role in your health. Certain products contain potential allergens, so be careful about what you use.

TIP: As a general rule, stay away from anything that contains latex, phthalates or parabens as they can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions. Opt for toys made out of skin-safe materials such as silicone, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), metal, glass or a patented polycarbonate blend.

  1. The Texture

Male sex toys are designed to stimulate the various parts of the male anatomy. Whether that be the penis, the perineum or the prostate gland, the best devices will feature a texture that’s conducive with the toy’s main purpose. For example, male masturbators which stimulate the penile shaft tend to have extremely intricate textures, while prostate massagers which stimulate the anal canal are often smooth and texture-free.

TIP: Some of the higher-end sex toys for men allow users to customize their product’s texture or swap the texture-baring component out for something else.

  1. The Size

Size matters regardless of what you’re talking about, but when it comes to male sex toys, the dimensions of the device will determine how you use it and what it feels like. I personally prefer toys a little on the bigger side, but not all men are like me. For beginners, I’d suggest starting with something relatively small before gradually working up to larger devices. My favorite male sex toys are always proportionate to the body part they’re being used on as well.

TIP: Measure the length and girth of your penis and/or administer a quick finger test on your anus to determine the appropriate size of your next sex toy.

  1. The Ergonomics

The word “ergonomics” refers to the study of the interaction between people, machines and their environment as it pertains to their performance and productivity. In other words, the ergonomics of any sex toy plays a big role in what you can do with it and how it feels. I always suggest buying male sex toys with ergonomics designed specifically for a man’s body – large gripping points, heavy-duty components, curved or undulated shapes, etc.

TIP: Ergonomic quality depends on the user’s personal preference, so what works for me won’t necessarily work for you.

  1. The Features

All modern-day sex toys for men are different, even if they look or function a lot alike. I enjoy exploring the features that each product offers, especially when I’m about to try something new for the first time. My heart always skips a beat when I find something with interactive components or customizable features. And since today’s sex toy industry is so large and versatile, it’s virtually impossible not to find something you’ll love if you simply pay attention to the features it offers.

TIP: Be mindful of the manufacturer, since some male sex toys can’t be used as intended unless they’re synced with a compatible device.

The 5 Characteristics of a Great Male Sex Toy

Starting out, searching for a good male sex toy seemed like a nightmare I desperately wanted to wake up from. Not only did I have no clue what I was doing, but I didn’t even know what my options were. Having been living under the rock of my ex-partner for several years, my knowledge about sex toys for men was more limited than my bank account (which, by the way, didn’t help matters any).

Today’s best male sex toys are great, I came to find out. But I also discovered that some of them are very expensive. Unless you want to stick with disposable pocket pussies for the rest of your life, money must be spent. Hopefully, you’ll spend yours a little more wisely than I spent mine. With no guidance and no ideas, I wasted thousands of dollars on sex toys that ended up pissing me off instead of pleasing me. It’s my hope that the following information can help you avoid that situation entirely.

The Top 5 Properties of a Male Sex Toy That’s Worth Your Money

My motto is and always has been “To each his own,” but that doesn’t mean I can’t recognize a well-rounded product when I see one. They’re everywhere, they’re just hiding among the riffraff. I’ve learned by lesson the hard way. The following are the top 5 things I now look at when I’m shopping for a worthy sex toy for men:

  • The Functionality

All male sex toys operate differently, even if they’re made to do the same exact thing. For example, a male masturbator can work and jerk our penis like a pro but to get the settings situated it may take manipulation of touch-sensitive buttons, turn-style knobs, remote controls or smart phone apps. Some of the higher-end high-tech models can even be controlled remotely or customized to provide pleasure in a way that only you and/or your partner sees fit. I absolutely love the customizable options, especially since sex and masturbation are such personal practices.

  • The Size

As with everything in life, the size is important. Whether talking about the size of your bank account, the size of your house or the size of your penis, we all want the biggest and brightest. However, male sex toys are a little different. While large and in-charge are great attributes, buying a device simply because it’s big is a rookie mistake. And if you’re a rookie, extra-large sex toys probably aren’t the best option for you. The only exception is when it deals with the size of your penis in relation to the insertable length and/or girth of the toy. In that case, go as big or as small as is necessary to experience a painlessly pleasurable sex or masturbation session.

  • The Shape

The overall shape of the male sex toy you’re considering will play a significant role in how easy it is to use, how much pleasure you derive from it, and how versatile it can be in the bedroom. For instance, prostate massagers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. But I keep several different models on hand because they’re all shaped differently. Their shapes determine how I use them and who I use them with. The big boys with lots of texture get saved for partners who are experienced. The smaller devices with smoother textures are reserved for the newbies. What can I say? It’s a pretty good system.

  • The Features

I call this part of the process “Feature Fingering.” You’ll want to get in there and really explore the device like it’s on trial for murder. Consider whether the features are even realistic for the kind of sex life you want or have. Think about how easy those features are to use for you and/or your partner. Remember that there’s bound to a learning curve when it comes to using newly developed or high-tech male sex toys. And while the majority of manufacturers offer an owner’s manual with your purchase, I still find myself confused about how something works from time to time so you’re not alone. I simply warn against becoming complacent because you’re overwhelmed. Allow yourself to be uncomfortable for a minute and things will change drastically I guarantee it.

  • The Manufacturer

I didn’t know this at first, but a certain level of brand loyalty is extremely helpful in the male sex toy world. Because many products are designed to work in unison with one another, the only way to fully enjoy the features and functionality is to also purchase the accompanying device. Manufacturers like Kiiroo, Fleshlight, We-Vibe and Lelo do that kind of thing a lot, with a whole host of high-tech, interactive male sex toys that take sex and/or masturbation to a completely amazing, life-like level. On top of that, some sex toy makers also offer loyalty incentives like special discounts and coupon codes when you buy from them or purchase more than one product in a single transaction.

Putting Your Knowledge to the Test

I’m probably the only one in my entire group of friends that knows this much about male ex toys, but at least I’m able to provide a service with the knowledge. I’ve be privileged by some of the best orgasms a human being can experience, but the journey there wasn’t always pretty. Pu your education to the test by taking a leap of faith. Your penis will thank you later.

The Benefits of Using a Male Sex Toy

Do I really have to explain to you guys why a male sex toy is so awesome? They’re sold by the millions, safe for almost everybody, relatively easy to use and affordable if you buy yours from the right source. I honestly thought this was all common knowledge, but I suppose it’s not the first time I’ve been wrong.

Since you’re forcing my hand, I guess I’ll start by saying that there are several benefits to using a male sex toy. I’ll explain what one is and then I’ll end this thing by explaining what these “so-called” benefits are. Eventually you’ll learn how to trust me. . .I hope.

What Is a Male Sex Toy?

Let’s begin by defining what a male sex toy is so we can be sure about what it isn’t. A male sex toy is a self-pleasure or couples-friendly erotic device that’s designed to produce or inspire orgasmic release when used as directed. It can involve almost anything, from dildos and vibrators to cock rings and masturbation machines.

Today’s toys come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors, with a host of fun features and functionalities to match. Yesterday’s toys, however, consisted of things like old tube socks, stale loaves of bread and hopelessness – lame. According to various media outlets modern day’s male sex toys are taking over the world. We should be thankful that these options are available even if sorting through them is a pain in the ass. After all, our grandfathers didn’t have it so easy.

What Did a Male Sex Toy Do for Me?

I’m not going to sit here and blow smoke up your ass like I’ve got anything to gain from your purchase of a male sex toy. I couldn’t care less because I already know the truth and have been benefitting from it for several years now while you’re still trying to make up your mind. But just in case you don’t believe me, here are the top 3 things that male sex toys have done for me:

  • My Body Has Never Felt More Spoiled

Having a top-notch male sex toy around the house is bound to change the way you enjoy sex and masturbation. I owned my first toy for about three days before I realized that I had been missing out on an entire side of life. High-end models are designed to concentrate on the wants and needs of the penis, the anus, or another erogenous zone. If you use yours like I did, your love life will never be the same and your body will respond by raising the bar on its expectations.

  • My Sexual Stamina Is Porn Star Quality

Because I have been using only the best male sex toys on the market for nearly a decade, my stamina in the bedroom makes me consider trying out for porn. If my dick wasn’t the size of a #2 pencil, I might actually go for it. Thanks to these specialized machines, I no longer have to make two excuses in the bedroom – one for my tiny dick and another for not being able to fuck for very long. At least one of those things has changed over the years, although I’ve been using a penis extender for a couple weeks and I think my future looks brighter than ever now.

  • My Erections and Arousal Remind Me of High School

Back in the day, I wasn’t popular but I was known for my skills in the bedroom. And by skills, I mean cumming within 30 seconds while apologizing profusely. These days, however, things have changed for the better and I blame it all on my fervent practice with certain male sex toys. Stamina training devices, penis pumps and cock rings were invented for guys like me, but even though my endurance has improved my love for those products has never dwindled. So now, I not only love my sex life but I also love my sex toy collection because it has served me so well.

Stamina training unit

If I took a few minutes to think deeper I could probably come up with at least three more benefits, but I think the examples I mentioned are enough to make the average man pause. If so, you’ll need to know how to find the best male sex toy so you can enjoy the same advantages.

How Did I Find My Favorite Male Sex Toy?

I would have never learned what I was capable of if I didn’t decide to become a diligent sex toy shopper. Understanding that everybody wanted a piece of the pie, I determined that the following three things were the most important considerations all men should make when choosing their very first gender-specific sex toy:

  • Your Wants, Needs and Fantasies

First and foremost, picking out the perfect male sex toy means being honest about your goals and ambitions. Don’t settle for less than you deserve because you’re afraid to admit your kink.

  • The Product’s Properties

Secondly, always look at the properties and features of the products you’re considering because they might appear the same but function differently. Make sure each of the properties matches your ambition.

  • Your Budget and Lifestyle

Last but certainly not least, think about how much money you can afford to spend on this male sex toy you’ve got your eye on. Did you consider the price of cleanup and maintenance? Storage and power?

How I Picked Out My First Male Sex Toy

It was 2003 and I was just starting college. Having been in a relationship for several years, my knowledge about male sex toys was extremely limited. In fact, my understanding of sexuality in general was incomplete, and thus started my journey to who I am today.

As an avid sex toy user nowadays, I’m always the one boasting about my latest orgasmic success. I’m the guy you come to when you’re not sure which device to buy. My friends and family have accepted by openly perverted lifestyle, and now I’m the family guru on all things sex toy related. It’s certainly not how I imagined spending my adult years, but it seems to be working out.

Self Proclaimed Sex Toy Guru

Long before I was a sex toy guru, though, I was dazed and confused just like you are. I had no idea what to look for, no clue what was out there, and no resources to find any of that out. It may be the “Age of Information” right now, but back then, information wasn’t quite so easy to find. So, this is the story of how I picked out my very first male sex toy, and I’d like to apologize to my mother ahead of time.

Making Decisions Based on Marketing Dollars

Ever since sex toys became mainstream in our society, people have been falling victim to clever marketing campaigns. I would know. I was one of them. Marketing dollars have always been poured out like water on the unsuspecting consumer, and unfortunately, neither you nor I are going to be the exception no matter how bad we want it.

I purchased my very first male sex toy at the tender age of 19 based on what some money-hungry manufacturer’s advertising team told me. Having zero experience with this stuff, I naively trusted those bastards with my love life, my health and my cash. What transpired because of my lack of due diligence is something that I’m still in therapy for today.

Getting a Formal Education

Fast-forward a few years and I graduated from college with a degree in Political Science, polyamory, beer pong and cunnilingus. I also happened to pick up a few certifications in male sex toys along the way, which set off a chain of events that I can only describe as “life changing.” Having finally figured out who I was, what I wanted in a partner and what I liked in the bedroom, it was suddenly much easier for me to ignore those clever advertisements in lieu of the truly good stuff that actually worked for me.

And what was that “good stuff” that I now speak so highly about? Well, according to my research, the good stuff consists of the following top 10 products which happen to be the most popular male sex toys on the planet:

  • Male Masturbators

Male masturbators are basically handheld penis stimulators that have a wide variety of features and come in various shapes, sizes and colors. Most male masturbation devices require manual power, but many of today’s top manufacturers have started making automatic models that feel almost exactly like the real thing.

  • Butt Plugs and Anal Beads

Anal playthings are popular among men, especially those who enjoy prostate and/or perineum stimulation. Butt plugs and anal beads are both inserted into the anus, but their unique properties provide different sensations depending on how you use them. On average, men who use these kinds of products enjoy longer and stronger orgasms than the men who don’t. However, mainstream society still views anal play as a fundamentally homosexual activity which couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, modern science has actually encouraged p-spot orgasms for the purposes of reducing a man’s chances of developing prostate cancer.

  • Prostate Massagers

Speaking prostates, a p-spot massager is a male (or female) sex toy that vibrates the prostate gland until it becomes what the industry calls “milked.” The milking of your prostate not only improves your health and enhances your orgasms but it also relieves tension and reduces stress. I own three different p-spot massagers right now, but my collection used to be so much larger. The reason for my streamlining: Today’s best prostate massagers are all-inclusive devices that had the power to replace most of the anal sex toys in my collection. Now that’s impressive.

  • Cock Rings

Cock rings are one of the most popular male sex toys in the industry, with the ability to improve the quality of your orgasm in a safe, natural and non-invasive way that doesn’t involve pills, potions or pumps. Good cock rings trap blood in the penile shaft, thereby encouraging your penis to grow thicker and harder with every heartbeat. I find well-made cock rings all over the place too, probably because they’re the most user-friendly male sex toy on the planet. Simple and effective, some of the higher-end models even feature vibration functions to an extra boost of pleasure. Those are my favorites without a doubt.

  • Chastity Devices

Although it took me quite a while to break into the BDSM community, I quickly found out about chastity devices like cock cages and ball clamps when I started dating a chick from my local church (go figure). Her ability to keep me in submission was surprising to everyone, but they didn’t know that she’d placed a chastity device on my dick to keep me from achieving an erection while she was away. Her pussy power was incredible, so much so that I now use chastity devices regularly because I enjoy the sexy flashbacks. What can I say? I’m a natural born thriller.

Passing the Buck

I hate seeing a man who reminds me of my previously uneducated self. It’s sad that so many guys go without the kinds of orgasms they need simply because they’re male sex toy beginners. The market isn’t going to slow production because some of us are confused though. The only way to fight back against a battle we started ourselves is to begin shopping like we have some sense.